Poker Terms


The action to make before the non-zero bet in betting in round is called to open the round one. On the first one to bet in round, moreover is called to open the POT. Some games can have specific norms approximately the opening of the round one that cannot be applied to other bets. As an example, they can have a structure to bet that specific different the permissible amounts for the opening that for other bets, or can demand to a player to hold determined cards in order to open itself.


To call is to immediately make the amount total of its equal bet to the amount before the bet (that it will be the greatest bet made in how much round one). All the players must finally call an equal amount in order to bet in round to the extremity, or a player must bet an amount that no calls, therefore to conclude the entire transaction and assegnargli the POT. Second and the successive calls of a particular amount of bet to times are called overcalls. A player whom he calls instead of elevation with a strong hand is called to regulate, a shape of slowplay.

The regular call is generally made in the round ones in advance payment to bet and against only one or two opposing; otherwise at least an adversary can have a too much good probability of design outside on the smooth visitor and the taken one fails. In the rooms and casinos publics of the card where the oral declarations are being tied, “the called” word is one such declaration. In particular, the practical sight commonly in the games of the mace on the television and in the movies that they say “of I call and I raise $100” are considered an increase of tightens and they are not concurred with in a serious game of the mace. Saying “I call” I only commit them to the action of call and calling.


When no anchor has opened to bet in round, it can be controlled, that it is equivalent to call the bet zero current. You decline of the player that makes a bet; indicating that he does not choose to open itself, but that he wishes to maintain its cards and to maintain the right to call more subsequently or to raise themselves in same the round one if sure an other player opens itself. A sense common to indicate the control must leggermente hit the table with a fist or one open hand. A player with the blind people in tension whom they choose not to be useful for its right to raise itself says in order to control its option, that the same sense can be indicated.